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  • Documentation and Announcements

    Please click here to obtain the Announcement of Change of Auditor and Placing on 29 June 2022 in PDF format.

    Please click here to obtain the Announcement of Extension of reporting deadline on 20 June 2022 in PDF format.

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    MiLOC Group Limited
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  • TCM Clinics and Hospitals

    Joint ventures and acquisition

    The Group is currently seeking opportunities to acquire and/or form TCM clinics and hospitals in Hong Kong, Macau and the PRC.

    As part of the Group’s investment strategy, the Group will only acquire or enter into joint ventures with clinics and hospitals licensed to practise TCM in their relevant jurisdictions. The Group intends to replicate its business model to other countries in South East Asia.

    Standardisation and modernization

    MiLOC Medical intends to implement the following measures to standardise and modernise the TCM Clinics and Hospitals:



    Yao Ma Tei

    ·      Quality Assurance System:  All TCM Clinics and Hospitals will be managed under the ISO system in order to assure the quality and consistent standard of the Group’s practice under the Group’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) which is expected to be accredited for ISO9001;

    ·      Centralised Electronic Clinic System: All TCM Clinics and Hospitals operated by the Group will have access to a centralised electronic clinic system. The TCM physicians will be able to access centralised patient records online which will provide convenience for both patients and doctors. The system will allow the Group to process statistical data to provide information and insight for facilitating advanced analysis and studies;

    ·      Western Medicine Expertise:  It is intended that all TCM Clinics and Hospitals operated by the Group will have access to western medicine expertise provided by a consultant team of medical doctors and pathologists. The team will provide support on consultancy, knowledge sharing and training, which will enable the Group to benefit from combined western and TCM knowledge and resources which the Directors believe is distinctive in the existing market;

    ·      Training Programs:  A continuous training program on concepts and applications of TCM and western medicine will be provided to all TCM physicians operating in the TCM Clinics and Hospitals. The aim is to develop and maintain a high-standard TCM physician team that provides TCM treatment service above the industry benchmark, and hence, establishes and upholds confidence of patients in our TCM treatment service;

    ·      Clinical Laboratory Support:  The integration of the clinical laboratory analysis into the TCM diagnosis process is an essential step to achieve an evidence-based TCM treatment. With proper training provided to all TCM physicians, the TCM Clinics and Hospitals will be able to provide a complete service to its patients; and

    Safety and Quality Control of TCM Herbs:  The Group has appointed MIAR to conduct tests and monitor all TCM herbs dispensed by the TCM Clinics and Hospitals, with the exception of those common TCM herbs which are generally regarded in the market as safe and of high quality. The Group regards these measures as an important safeguard system to establish and uphold confidence of patients in the TCM treatment service provided by the TCM Clinics and Hospitals.