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  • Overview

    1.1 MiLOC Biotechnology Limited - research and development of TCM Drugs

    MiLOC Biotechnology will be principally engaged in the research and development of TCM drugs in the area of pandemic diseases.

    MiLOC Biotechnology will, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Smart Falcon, indirectly own the TCM IP Rights of Rorrico (including the beneficial interest in the Patent Application). Rorrico is a TCM drug developed for the treatment and prevention of influenza.

    MiLOC Biotechnology is actively seeking opportunities to acquire other TCM drug formulas for pandemic diseases.


    1.2 MiLOC Pharmaceutical Limited - sales and distribution of TCM Drugs

    MiLOC Pharmaceutical will carry out the sales and distribution function of the Group’s TCM products, focusing initially on China, Hong Kong and Macau with a view to broadly extending its sales network throughout South East Asia It also intends to distribute TCM drugs and health supplements from other TCM pharmaceutical companies.


    1.3 MiLOC Medical Limited - operation of mdernized TCM clinics and hospitals

    MiLOC Medical intends to form various joint ventures to acquire TCM Clinics and Hospitals in Hong Kong, Macau and the PRC in the four years following Admission, building a network of modernised TCM Clinics and Hospitals.

    1.4 Smart Falcon

    Smart Falcon is the holding company of the TCM IP Rights in relation to Rorrico, (including the beneficial interest in the Patent Application).

    Professor He Zhong Sheng is engaged by the Group as a Senior Consultant (Scientist) to advise the Group on certain matters concerning Rorrico, including manufacturing processes and quality.

    2. Business strategy and objectives

    The overall aim of the Group is to explore the potential of TCM by introducing reliable TCM drugs to the market, focusing initially on Hong Kong, the PRC and Macau with a view to further expansion in South East Asia, and providing high quality modernised TCM healthcare services in Hong Kong, Macau and the PRC. The Group intends to promote a vertically-integrated TCM medical network from primary care to tertiary care and market its healthcare services and TCM products under a universal brand “MiLOC”.

    There are two key elements underpinning this strategy:

    (i) Developing reliable TCM drugs worldwide for epidemic diseases
    The Group’s objective is to bring effective and reliable TCM drugs to the global market using modern drug research and development technologies, including conducting clinical trials on the Group’s TCM products. The Group will focus on the development of TCM drugs which are expected to be significant to latest medical needs, particularly influenza and other epidemic diseases.

    (ii) Development of a nationwide network of high quality modernized TCM clinics and hospitals in the PRC, Hong Kong and Macau
    MiLOC's strategy is to generate revenue as a TCM health care service provider while leveraging the opportunity to distribute the Group’s TCM products primarily through these target customers as a pharmaceutical company, thereby diversifying the sources of revenue of the Group and reducing marketing and administrative costs.

  • Documentation and Announcements

    Please click here to obtain MiLOC Group Limited issue of shares and total voting rights on 04 June 2020 in PDF format.

    Please click here to obtain MiLOC Group Limited one of its subsidiaries distributor dispute on 30 April 2021 in PDF format.

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