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  • Message from the Executive Chairman

    The Pharmaceutical Industry is unique, as its duty is to save lives, which is conscience based versus profit based. It has been said that, 'Profit is the first priority of a merchant.' There is a ring of truth to this, but what kind of person works only for his own self-interest and hunts for tiny profits everyday?

    MiLOC Group is founded based on the principle of contributing to the community, and obtaining a profit through ethical and moral means. Our staff embraces this standard code of conduct, and will continue to attract similar people who have the magnanimity and vision to continually invigorate our team with this philosophy.

    As with all new objectives, there is a plethora of challenges and opportunities we face now and in the future. With a strong marketing plan in place, we have our work cut out for us.

    Yet, I pin my faith to our remarkable team with which we have built a strong foundation. Not for a tiny gain, but long term sustainability in health care discoveries that our entire planet searches for with such vigor!

  • Documentation and Announcements

    Please click here to obtain MiLOC Group Limited issue of shares and total voting rights on 04 June 2020 in PDF format.

    Please click here to obtain MiLOC Group Limited one of its subsidiaries distributor dispute on 30 April 2021 in PDF format.


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    MiLOC Group Limited
    Address : 8/F, Sino Cheer Plaza,
                      23 Jordan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    E-mail : info@miloc.com

    Tel  : 2110 4221
    Fax : 2110 4261