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    (Mission & Vision)

    MiLOC Group’s primary purpose is a relentless commitment to improve mankind’s health and well - being with the untapped potential available through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). MiLOC‘s priority is to continue to develop proprietary prescriptions for health threats through rigorous scientific research and development, along with clinical trials, so that the world-at-large may benefit from the powerful force contained within TCM. The time has come for an old, yet very potent idea, to take its place among the new Millennium as a primary healing tool.

    Our corporate culture embraces integrity, dedication, human-oriented scientific focus, as well as innovation and enterprise. Our primary concern is the application and efficacy of TCM in serving patients’ best interest. Increasing patient health through potent TCM prescriptions is practiced in tandem with trustworthy business and moral ethics, along with professionalism.
    Our motto is to strive for perfection, which helps us to continuously improve our scientific and innovative approach to the creation of new solutions to health issues, which continue to emerge. The future of MiLOC Group’s business direction is laser-focused on the implementation of TCM Treatment and Prescription Policy. This is based on rigorous R&D and aims at the treatment of difficult and complicated diseases.

    With the successful registration of one of MiLOC Group’s key products, Rorrico granules, in Macau, and secured the sales license due to its efficacy, MiLOC Group will proceed with registration in Hong Kong and China.

    In China, Hong Kong and Macau, MiLOC Group will begin acquisition and/or collaboration to setup MiLOC Group’s TCM Premiere Health Club (TCM-PHC). This network will provide premium services, and make prescriptions available for sale.

  • Documentation and Announcements

    Please click here to obtain MiLOC Group Limited issue of shares and total voting rights on 04 June 2020 in PDF format.

    Please click here to obtain MiLOC Group Limited one of its subsidiaries distributor dispute on 30 April 2021 in PDF format.

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    MiLOC Group Limited
    Address : 8/F, Sino Cheer Plaza,

                     23 Jordan Road, Kwoloon, Hong Kong
    E-mail : info@miloc.com

    Tel  : 2110 4221
    Fax : 2110 4261